An application must be filled out and accompanied by:

  • An accurate survey created and sealed by a licensed New Jersey State Surveyor, showing the area between the business and where the curb meets the street. The survey needs to show in detail the location of the existing curb, sidewalk and any open space in front of the business that will be utilized for the display.

  • $100 Fee

  • Certificate of Insurance, with the Borough of Beach Haven additionally insured on the policy with limits not less than $1,000,000.

Prior to issuance of the permit, the Zoning Enforcement Officer will inspect the curb. If the curb needs repair or is not in compliance with the Zoning code of the Borough, a permit will not be issued until repairs have been made or have been brought into compliance.

Once a permit is issued, it is effective for the calendar year in which it was issued.

There are rules and regulations that cover outdoor displays in the Borough code click here for more information. The Borough sets a list of sidewalk sale dates each year where businesses can, without a permit, display merchandise directly outside of their establishment.


For sign regulations contact the Zoning Department at 609-492-0111 ext. 221.

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